The Deming Luna County MainStreet Program became an affiliated member of New Mexico Mainstreet in 2012. in 2016 Deming MainStreet achieved accredited status and have maintained throughout the years.

Our association with New Mexico MainStreet provides for participation in statewide and national network of downtown revitalization organizations. Deming MainStreet also has access to professional technical assistance and services from New Mexico MainStreet staff and program specialists.

Economic Benefits

  • Economically vital and vibrant commercial district
  • Healthier business climate and greater opportunity for growth
  • Expanded customer base
  • Increased employment opportunities
  • Cooperative strategies among small businesses
  • Stronger property values, improved marketability, and increased occupancy

Organizational Benefits

  • Stronger networks among civic and economic organizations
  • Improved local capacity
  • Achievement of common goals
  • Leveraged resources
  • Development of community partnerships

Social & Community Benefits

  • Enhanced community assets and amenities
  • Improved quality of life
  • Renewed pride in community
  • Restoration of civic gathering places
  • Youth involvement in civic projects

Municipal Benefits

  • Increased revenue from gross receipts
  • Stronger tax base to support schools, parks, etc.
  • Reduced costs of municipal services
  • Improved access to federal and foundation dollars through public-private partnerships
  • Eligibility for New Mexico MainStreet capital outlay funds (as available)