Downtown District Businesses

***Business names and locations subject to change | Last Update: August 2023

Gold Avenue

Business TypeAddress
Burger King Food 125 N Gold Ave.
Walgreens Pharmacy/Health122 N Gold Ave.
Moose Lodge Food/Bar118 N Gold Ave.
Deming Arts Council Gallery/Retail100 S Gold Ave.
Ruff Cuts Professional Service 109 S Gold Ave.
Infinite Possibilities Retail117 S Gold Ave.
Sounds Good Cafe Food118 S Gold Ave.
It Is Written Retail120 S Gold Ave.
Desert Land Express Professional Services 121 S Gold Ave.
Virtue Salon Professional Services122 S Gold Ave.
Vida Therapy Health Services122 S Gold Ave.
Beautify Professional Services122 S Gold Ave.
La Pinon Agency Professional Services122 S Gold Ave.
Democratic Party of Luna County Political Party 123 S Gold Ave.
Copper Kettle Coffee Food 200 S Gold Ave.
Bridals & XVRetail202 S Gold Ave.
Hers Boutique Retail 204 S Gold Ave.
Livingston Hearing CenterProfessional Services206 S Gold Ave.
Deming HeadlightRetial/Professional Service208 S Gold Ave.
Downtown Barber ShopProfessional Services212 S Gold Ave.
The Dog SalonProfessional Services214 S Gold Ave.
Tamara G Hurt CPAProfessional Services216 S Gold Ave.
Deming RealtyProfessional Services220 S Gold Ave.
Wells Fargo Bank Financial Services 223 S Gold Ave.
First New Mexico BankFinancial Services300 S Gold Ave.
Deming Dental ServicesMedical Services400 S Gold Ave.
Justin Alonzo State Farm InsuranceProfessional Services401 S Gold Ave.
SW Master CraftsRetail411 S Gold Ave.
Edward JonesProfessional Services410 S Gold Ave.
Trends SalonProfessional Services419 S Gold Ave.
Lamplight RealtyProfessional Services500 S Gold Ave.
Maynes Insurance Professional Services 504 S Gold Ave.
Mary’s PerfumeRetail511 S Gold Ave.
First Savings BankProfessional Services520 S Gold Ave.
Domino’s PizzaFood 780 S Gold Ave.

Hemlock Street

Business TypeAddress
Triadic EnterprisesProfessional Services115 W Hemlock St.
Galindo Patterson & Assoc.Professional Services115 W Hemlock St.

Maple Street

Business Type Address
Western Heritage Bank Financial Services 108 W Maple St.

Cedar Street

Business TypeAddress
Pizza Hut Food 300 E Cedar St.

Spruce Street

Business Type Address
Frank’s Barber ShopProfessional Services111 E Spruce St.
Vibes NutritionFood/Drink119 E Spruce St.
Sun Country Realty Professional Services221 E Spruce St.
Furniture GalleryRetail 112 W Spruce St.

Copper Street

World Finance Financial Services 101 S Copper St.
Reader’s CoveRetail 200 S Copper St.
Up to Date Salon/Party RentalsProfessional Services/Retail211 S Copper St.

Platinum Street

Business TypeAddress
El Reys Meat MarketFood 120 N Platinum
Denny’sFood 108 N Platinum

Silver Avenue

New Aura SalonProfessional Services113 N Silver Ave
Fast Lane MVD/ E&G WirelessProfessional Services112 S Silver Ave.
Canna Co. Retail 115 N Silver Ave.
Tinaja Alta Trading CompanyRetail 116 N Silver Ave.
Arby’s Food 127 N Silver Ave.
Boba N’ DonutsFood 105 S Silver Ave.
Cookie Jar Food 113 S Silver Ave.
Stagecoach Depot MercantileRetail 114 S Silver Ave.
Labato’s Craft/CPAProfessional Services/Retail116 S Silver Ave.
Silver WhiskersRetail118 S Silver Ave.
Irmas RestaurantFood 123 S Silver Ave.
Love’s NailsProfessional Services124 S Silver Ave.
Sam’s Smoke ShopRetail 207 S Silver Ave.
Elisa’s House of PiesFood 208 1/2 S Silver Ave.
United Country DT RealtyProfessional Services211 S Silver Ave.
Vacant814 S Silver Ave.
Yoli’s Hair ExpressProfessional Services814 S Silver Ave.

Pine St.

Business TypeAddress
Endless Ink TattooProfessional Service108 E Pine St.
China Restaurant Food 110 E Pine St.
Stout Realty & AuctionProfessional Services112 E Pine St
Heavens Beauty SalonProfessional Services113 E Pine St
MC Hair StudioProfessional Services114 E Pine St
Si Senor Food200 E Pine St
Prestige Car Wash Professional Services220 E Pine St
Panda’s Rolled Ice CreamFood 220 E Pine St
Harris ElectricAutomotive223 E Pine St.
CarQuest Auto PartsAutomotive301 E Pine St.
Resurrection Tattoo StudioProfessional Services112 W Pine St.
Pollard Insurance Agency Professional Services118 W Pine St.
Desert Land Express – coming soonProfessional Service201 W Pine St.
Budget Tire Store Automotive 101 W Pine St.