Welcome to the Deming/Luna County MainStreet Program!

Recapturing the heritage and charm of the 19th to mid-20th centuries while incorporating the infrastructure of modern technology is making MainStreets throughout New Mexico destinations in their own right. No longer will the interstate off-ramps be a quick stop for gas and a meal at a fast-food franchise. The allure of fresh storefronts, sidewalk benches, and local shopping treasures invite visitors to explore and enjoy the MainStreet experience.

Learn more about the Deming/Luna County MainStreet Program here!

Deming Luna Mimbres Museum








Interested is an exciting position helping build this great program – We are searching for a new Executive Director – please check it out!

The Farmers Market is back – bee sure to stop by for your veggies and crafts on Saturday Mornings!

Arts Park on Pine Street is now open for use. ┬áIn fact there was an Art event there on Saturday, July 18, 2015 and it was lovely – keep it in mind for your events!

We have started a facade squad project for the corner of Gold and Spruce – it should make that corner look great.

Another project on the burner is an upgrade to Leyendecker Park at the same corner!


Always remember to shop small – shop local!!