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    Deming/Luna County Mainstreet Program

Office: 320 S. Silver Ave    Mail: 109 East Pine Street

              Deming, NM  88030


Board Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                                                 January 14, 2016     7:30 AM at Grand Motor Inn

Board of Directors Members: 7, Quorum Present

Attachments:  Sign-in Sheet





President Ron Wolfe (welcome back, Ron) called the meeting to order at 7:35 AM.


A.  Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve agenda unchanged by Tamara, second by Christie Ann, motion carried.


B.  Approval of November Minutes

Motion to approve Nov 12, 2015 minutes unchanged by Bruce, second by Tamara, motion carried.


C.  Treasurer’s Report

Report was e-mailed/distributed to board members.  Second PNM grant was received, making total for LeyendeckerPark revamp of $30,000.  April 14, 2016 appearance by the Harlem Ambassadors was paid in full ($2,995), occasioned by an offer to save $500 for this prepay.


D. Old Business



E.  New Business

  a.  NMMS Leadership Network Meeting – Scheduled for Feb 10-12 in Santa Fe, Laurie asked for volunteer(s) for 2 of 3 days, Christie Ann may possibly have time.


F.  Committee Reports

  a.  Executive Director

(a)  ED has been talking to NMMS regards waivers for several required ED training sessions, response and co-operation from NMMS has been positive.  Laurie must attend a national meeting once every 2 years of her tenure, said she will try to attend 2016 in Milwaukee, if possible.

(b). Laurie announced she will be OOF Feb 5 to 15.

(c).  MS Board recruitment – Bryan has resigned because of new city job, Arsen has re-located, Micki has asked to take a temporary leave from the board and Dan Lere has indicated he may leave because of time constraints.  If Dan leaves the board is down to 8 members, need to recruit more qualified people.

(d).  Pink Pig – ED spoke to one owner of new cafe, Rhonda Shinnett  .  She may be a viable candidate for board.

(e).  Update of MS website – ED working on , slow going for now.


  b.  Organization

No committee, no chair at this time.  Laurie will try to recruit Barb Reedy for chair.

  c.  Promotions

(a)  Farmers Market – Board expressed thanks to Betteanne Strauss for all the time and effort she spent this past season to revive the Market and achieve the level of participation it now enjoys.  ED asked for any and all suggestions for further improvement as to venue, dates and names for the market.  Bruce pointed out that the market name should always contain the term ‘Farmers Market’. To do otherwise could restrict our access to grant funds.  Ron suggested blocking off a city street for possible Saturday and/or Sunday site.  City would co-operate, but the question of availability, or need, for electric and water service at such a site.

(b)  Harlem Ambassadors – Date set for April 14, 2016.  Tickets have been ordered, ED requested help with publicity, sponsor identification and general co-ordination of the event.

(c)  Rockabilly Food and Wine Event – In planning now, no date finalized.

(d)  Cinco de Mayo Business Showcase – Planned as a downtown walkthru in co-operation with EDC, and possibly, the Chamber of Commerce to showcase present businesses and available locations.  Bryan Reedy reminded the board that a number of unused posters are available.  They were planned to show location of, and contact info for, available buildings.

(e)  July 4th – MS would like to participate, still in planning stage.

(f)  Salsa Fest – In planning, tentatively scheduled for July 23, 24.


 d. Economic Positioning

Bruce reported work is ongoing with other local organizations, including EDC, to inventory buildings and track businesses in Deming/Luna County.  This is in an effort not to duplicate efforts.  However, December was, as anticipated, a slow month.


 e.  Design

LeyendeckerPark Project – Christie Ann reported the pot fabricator has run into delays because of weather in Albuquerque (they are fabricated outdoors).  Fabricator was urged to proceed ASAP.  The second PNM grant will be used for the Park Shade Sails/Mural (Phase II) portion of the project.  Extension of time for Phase I completion was approved.


G.  Other

Bruce commented we should begin to think about forming another Facade Squad.


H.  Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 AM.


Next meeting Thursday, February 11, 2016,  7:30 AM at the Grand Motor Inn



Submitted by Secretary Tom Strauss

Dated:  January 15, 2016











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